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Can Cats Drink Oat Milk? Well being & Security Defined

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Plant-based milk like oat milk is changing into a well-liked substitute for cow’s milk, so extra persons are utilizing them of their properties. In case you are somebody who likes to provide your cat milk, you might be most likely questioning whether or not oat milk will likely be a greater and probably safer different than dairy-based milk.

There’s little question that some cats love ingesting milk, however is the plant-based substitute secure on your feline companion? Oat milk is secure for cats to drink carefully. This text offers you all of the solutions you want as as to if oat milk is secure on your cat to drink and the way wholesome it’s for them.

Is Oat Milk Secure for Cats To Drink?

Sure, oat milk is secure for cats to drink occasionally, and it could possibly be a greater choice than cow’s milk for cats with delicate stomachs to lactose. It is because oat milk doesn’t include any lactose and the few elements used to make this milk aren’t very unhealthy. Most cats are lactose illiberal after weaning from their mom’s milk, and lactose naturally happens in dairy merchandise.1

This makes oat milk a greater different for some cats because it comprises pretty digestible elements which might be properly tolerated by many cats. Nonetheless, it appears to have fewer dietary advantages than cow’s milk. Keep away from feeding your cat oat milk that comprises added sugars, dangerous preservatives, and added salt since this isn’t going to be wholesome on your cat. All the time double-check the label of any human meals you intend to feed to your cat to verify for probably unhealthy elements.

You may give your cat one to 2 tablespoons of unsweetened or home made oat milk carefully. Take into account that cats are obligate carnivores that profit from a meat-based food regimen, so oat milk shouldn’t make up a big or common portion of their food regimen.

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Plant-Primarily based vs Dairy Milk for Cats

There’s quite a lot of plant-based milk comparable to oat, almond, rice, and soy milk which might be dairy-free and include no lactose. Nonetheless, there may be additionally lactose-free dairy milk, making it a greater choice for lactose-intolerant cats. Cats can drink each plant and diary-based milk with steerage from a veterinarian in the event that they don’t have any opposed well being results from ingesting it. Nonetheless, milk in any kind will not be a vital a part of a feline food regimen (after weaning) and may solely be seen as an occasional deal with.

When it comes to diet, dairy-based milk has a barely larger dietary worth and is enriched with a greater variety of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Plant-based milk like oat milk additionally comprises loads of nutritional vitamins and minerals that will profit your cat, plus it’s excessive in fiber and low in sodium. Some cats can have issue digesting sure plant milk whereas with the ability to digest small quantities of dairy-based milk simply high-quality or vice versa.

Most cats can have no drawback ingesting a small quantity of dairy, however different cats who’re lactose illiberal can have hassle digesting the lactose present in goat and cow’s milk. This might result in your cat having gastrointestinal upset like bloating, belly ache, or diarrhea. Kittens will drink their mom’s milk up till they’re weaned, however as soon as that kitten begins to rely much less on ingesting their mom’s milk for sustenance, fewer digestive enzymes (lactase) are produced.

So, cats that drink milk containing lactose after they have too little lactase can have hassle digesting the dairy-based milk. It’s unusual for cats to have issue digesting small quantities of plant-based milk as a result of it comprises no lactose and has pretty digestible elements. Nonetheless, every cat could have a unique response relying on any allergy symptoms or meals sensitivities they’ve.

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How Wholesome Is Oat Milk for Cats?

Most store-bought oat milk is a mix of water, plain rolled oats, preservatives, a contact of salt, and sugar (for sweetened variations). Oat milk is free from lactose, soy, and even gluten whether it is comprised of gluten-free oats. Though the oats themselves usually are not dangerous for cats, that doesn’t make them the healthiest or nutritionally helpful meals for carnivorous cats. Cats ought to get most of their vitamins from a balanced meat-based food regimen, and never from oat milk.

Oats are a very good supply of fiber and a mix of nutritional vitamins and minerals comparable to nutritional vitamins A and B6, potassium, magnesium, and niacin which can profit cats. You’ll be able to both make your oat milk at dwelling or you should buy store-bought oat milk on your cat. The best choice, on this case, could be to make home made oat milk on your cat since you’ll know precisely what goes into the recipe.

This offers you the choice of solely mixing water and plain rolled oats on your cat, and you’ll exclude elements like salt and sugar which your cat doesn’t want. When you do select to purchase oat milk on your cat, go for the unsweetened model with no added salt.

Moreover, oat milk is low in fats and comprises a better quantity of protein than many various plant-based milks. Whereas cats don’t want milk of their food regimen, if you wish to give it to them as an occasional deal with, oat milk is usually a good choice. Cats who’ve meals allergy symptoms to grains shouldn’t be given oat milk, since oats are a sort of grain.

Do Cats Have to Drink Milk?

Cats have been depicted for many years ingesting milk from saucers in illustrations, commercials, and films, which has led many cat house owners to consider that milk is important for cats to drink. The reality is that cats don’t want milk of their food regimen, whether or not it’s plant-based or dairy-based milk. You may consider that milk helps to hydrate your cat higher than water which might make it a substitute, however this isn’t a good suggestion.

Giving your cat a saucer of milk shouldn’t change their water consumption, and clear, contemporary water is the very best supply of hydration on your cats. Many cats can grow to be depending on ingesting milk as a substitute for water if they’re given it typically, which isn’t a very good behavior to start out on your cat. Until your cat has a well being situation and your cat’s veterinarian recommends engaging them to drink utilizing milk, water needs to be your cat’s major supply of hydration. When you do plan to feed oat milk to your cat, it shouldn’t change their bowl of contemporary water.


Until your cat has allergy symptoms to grains, oat milk is totally secure for them to drink carefully. Making home made oat milk on your cat goes to make sure the security of the elements because the salt and sugars in some store-bought oat milk aren’t going to be the healthiest on your cat. In case your cat has hassle digesting dairy-based milk due to lactose intolerance, you’ll be able to swap them to oat milk as a deal with with steerage from a veterinarian.

The decrease sodium and fats content material with larger fiber may additionally attraction to cat house owners seeking to give their cat an occasional drink of milk that’s wholesome and lactose-free.

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