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Why Do Cats Love Plastic Baggage? 9 Causes for This Odd Cat Conduct.

You, in addition to tens of millions of different cat homeowners, are very accustomed to this situation – as you’re placing your groceries away, you hear some swishing. You look and also you see your cat throughout your buying bag. It’s taking part in with it and it’s licking it as if it had been a toy and this can be very territorial about it. However why?

Why Cats Love Plastic Baggage

Why Does My Cat Chew Plastic Bags Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9694
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However why do cats lick plastic baggage anyway and what makes so loopy about them? How come the only plastic bag can change into its favourite toy and place inside minutes? Is it the odor? Is it the feel? Is it the style? Nicely, all of it of these after which some! That’s proper!

There are many explanation why your cat is in love together with your plastic baggage and we’re going to discover all of them to unravel the thriller of their love for plastic.

Disclaimer: After all, plastic baggage aren’t toys – very like you wouldn’t give a human toddler a plastic bag to play with. Plastic baggage are harmful and may trigger suffocation. Nevertheless, it was vital to elucidate why cats are interested in and interested by plastic baggage, therefore the rationale for this text. As with every little thing in life, please use widespread sense and higher judgment when residing with cats.

Why Do Cats Like To Sit Inside Plastic Baggage?

There are a number of explanation why plastic baggage can set off your cat’s senses, making them love sitting in a plastic bag. There are every kind of scents and aromas left by animal fats and different merchandise which have been carried within the bag. Plus, the crinkly sound of plastic may be entertaining to a cat and even assist to scale back their nervousness.

Plus, plastic baggage present a brand new sheltered house. In case your cat has the compulsion to cover away, then a plastic bag – full with all these scrumptious meals smells – could be very engaging.

Purpose No. 1 – That Superb Odor

why do cats like laying on plastic bags Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9680
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Attractive meals smells. It’s all concerning the bag’s odor…and, most significantly, every little thing that was in it! That’s proper; it’s an entire whirlpool of smells in your plastic baggage. Why? As a result of plastic preserves the odor of the objects that had been in it.

Whereas this can be tough to your nostril to note, it’s not the identical to your cat, which has a eager sense of odor and may really feel every little thing in excessive definition. The meat, fish, and cheese in your bag every week in the past nonetheless odor fairly superior to your cat at this time. Now take into consideration the previous of your plastic baggage and all of the deliciousness in them. Your cat definitely is! So, it makes excellent sense that your cat is licking them. Not solely do they style like plastic (we’ll get to why that’s attention-grabbing immediately), however additionally they style like a full-on meal.

Plastic baggage are primarily lollipops to your cat. So, subsequent time you see your cat licking a bag, take into consideration the stuff you had in it to grasp their enthusiasm.

Purpose No. 2 – That Dazzling Swishing

why do cats like laying on plastic bags Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9681
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Not solely do cats have a really acute sense of odor, however additionally they have a wonderful listening to! So when that bag begins swishing, it sounds extraordinarily engaging to them, they usually begin taking part in. They’ll sit on the bag and begin transferring it with their paws and licking it and biting it, and what do they get in return? A plastic symphony, in fact! Each transfer the bag makes sounds improbable to your cat.

That is additionally one of many explanation why they spend a lot time taking part in with baggage. As we stated above, baggage are their new favourite toys each single time, so it makes excellent sense that they wish to get pleasure from them. Additionally, the bag by no means runs out of batteries. It would swish each time they contact it, so it’s limitless enjoyable with plastic baggage to your cat!

Purpose No. 3 – That Easy Texture

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Together with the cats’ extremely developed sense of odor and listening to comes their sense of contact. Their paws and the remainder of their pores and skin can really feel the best of textures.

Wild cats want that to get a good suggestion of the terrain they’re on and get fast reactions to be higher hunters. As to your family cat, this refined sense of contact makes plastic baggage really feel improbable. Think about feeling the graceful, lush texture of a plastic bag in excessive definition and throughout your physique. It’s slippery; it’s polished, it’s shiny; it’s superb! This is the reason your cat rubs its total physique on it! So, the following time you see your kitty stretching throughout your plastic bag, relaxation assured that it’s having the time of its life!

Purpose No. 4 – These Irresistible Pheromones

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Psychological quick circuit. A lesser-known truth concerning the easy buying bag is that it’s produced from plastic that comprises substances which can be fairly comparable in odor to pheromones.

This easy element stays unattainable to note for people, but it surely drives cats loopy! With one whiff of your bag, it’s going to get an instantaneous enhance, and it’ll really feel extraordinarily excited concerning the bag. So, it’s going to go on to cuddle it for hours as a result of the odor is breathtaking!

That is additionally one of many explanation why your cat likes some baggage higher than others (plastic baggage are all the fashion!), no matter their earlier contents. It’s not solely the fish in your bag minutes in the past that may make a plastic bag irresistible, but additionally its chemical construction. Extra importantly, the presence of these pheromones smell-alikes.

Purpose No. 5 – That Corn Starch Deliciousness

Why do cats lick plastic Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9682
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The corn starch issue. Sure, you learn that proper. Now, allow us to clarify! Lots of the biodegradable plastic baggage presently in use are made with corn starch, which cats appear to be very interested in. So, the following time you get a type of smooth-textured bio baggage, count on your cat to be enthusiastic about it.

The odor, style, and texture really feel improbable to your cat, so it’s sure to like that bio bag instantly. Furthermore, it’s utterly completely different from the common plastic bag it has been taking part in with, making it considerably of a novelty! Your cat shall be much more curious to play with it, stretch in it, and, inevitably, lick it! Regardless that the corn starch will make a distinction, you shouldn’t be apprehensive about your cat consuming the bag. If this occurs, the state of affairs is totally completely different. We’ll get to that immediately.

Purpose No. 6 – These Tasty Lubricants

Why Does My Cat Chew Plastic Bags Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9672
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Plastic baggage get their much-desired smoothness from lubricants. They’re often handled with stearates, chemical substances derived from tallow. Another choice is lanolin, which is a pure compound present in sheep – lanolin is the substance that makes a sheep’s coat really feel greasy. Lanolin is supposed to maintain the sheep’s coat dry.

Purpose No. 7 – Marking That Territory

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This could come as no information for cat homeowners, however cats are extraordinarily territorial. They exit of their solution to mark their house and belongings as clearly as attainable. It’s a part of the rationale cats knead, however additionally it is one of many causes cats put their paws and tongues on their favourite baggage. You could not know this, however cats have particular scent glands of their paws, which they use to mark their territory.

So, when taking part in with their favourite plastic bag, additionally they declare it by smearing their private odor all around the bag. That is significantly related in households with two or extra cats. When one other cat is current in the home, it have to be extraordinarily clear that the bag is already taken. In case you have extra cats in your house, you could have observed that they don’t share baggage. Should you’ve learn this far, you now know {that a} cat’s and its bag’s relationship is multi-sensory and very private. It’s uncommon to see two cats in the identical bag or one cat within the different’s favourite plastic bag. Why? As a result of no cat needs to stretch throughout a bag that smells like its home companion. As soon as a bag has been claimed, it nearly turns into undesirable for different cats.

Purpose No. 8 – All of These Issues Mixed

Why do cats lick plastic Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9684
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Now that we’ve unraveled the mysteries of the beloved plastic baggage and you recognize that there’s greater than meets the attention…and the nostril with regards to buying baggage, we’d prefer to level out that your cat skilled all these items on the similar time! Please take a second to consider it. The easy plastic bag feels, smells, tastes, and sings amazingly concurrently!

This is the reason your cat loves it a lot. If you current that bag to your cat, it will get on a sensory roller-coaster! It might probably really feel the lanolin on the bag concurrently with the scrumptious fish you had in it final week, all whereas having fun with the graceful texture throughout its physique. And to prime all of it out, it swishes each time it touches it, which makes your cat wish to play! The following time you see your kitty taking part in with a bag, relaxation assured that it’s having a good time!

Purpose No. 9 – These Odd Consuming Habits

cats eating plastic bags harmful Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat Trigg of Floppycats IMG_9696
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We’re lastly attending to the odd consuming habits that cats get typically.

What Is Pica in Cats?

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To make it clear, it’s completely regular for a cat to have an in depth relationship with its bag, lick it, stretch it, play with it, or cuddle it, however it’s most definitely not regular for a cat to eat a bag. If the bag tastes like fish or meat, then some nibbling could be anticipated, however when cats chew into the plastic and swallow it, issues get to a pathologic degree.

That is known as pica syndrome, manifested by cats consuming issues they’d by no means usually eat, like plastic, small rocks, grass, yarn, wool, clothes, or different non-food objects. You’ll wish to take your cat to the vet when you discover this. Pica alerts that your cat’s metabolism is off.

Furthermore, it may well sign an underlying illness, which may be something from anemia to FIV, hyperthyroidism, feline leukemia, diabetes, or different critical situations. Your vet will utterly study your cat to find out why the pica syndrome is there. You’ll almost certainly have to vary your cat’s food regimen to supply it with the vitamins it wants, however there could also be different therapies.

Till the pica is cured, you have to be extraordinarily cautious what your cat eats. Whether it is within the behavior of consuming plastic baggage, then do your finest to take away all baggage of their manner. Consuming plastic baggage may be extraordinarily harmful as a result of the cat could also be unable to get rid of them. The bag may get caught alongside the digestive tract as a result of it’s too giant to cross by means of tighter areas, and it would trigger a blockage.

On this case, your cat can not defecate, which is extraordinarily harmful. It is a medical emergency, and when you suppose that is the case to your cat, contact your veterinarian instantly as a result of the blockage have to be surgically fastened.

Leaving the pica syndrome apart, your cat can get pleasure from plastic baggage safely! The expertise is a sensory wonderland. Whilst you see a cat swishing a bag, it has the time of its life. From the silky-smooth texture to the fantastic odor of pseudo-pheromones to that of all of the earlier contents of the bag, and to that tasty lanolin that the bag was handled with, or cornstarch when you’ve chosen a bio bag, there are such a lot of explanation why plastic baggage are irresistible to your cat.

Plastic Alternate options

Ragdoll Cat laying on a Plastic Bag
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Should you battle to maintain your cat away from plastic baggage – say you employ plastic liners in a rubbish can or a litter tray – the very best various is to verify your cat is getting sufficient stimulation by means of different toys and chewable objects to make them much less interested by plastics.

Ensure your kitty is proud of their cat toys and enjoys taking part in with them, and contemplate some treat-based toys that your cat has to work to open to maintain them engaged and supply a tasty snack too.

Should you present sufficient stimulation, together with taking part in together with your cat and making certain they’ve treats and toys whenever you aren’t at house, then be sure their plastic pursuit isn’t changing into an obsession. Whether it is, it’s price making certain they get checked out by your veterinarian.

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